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Many of you have asked for tips on collecting oyster plates and what to watch out for. For that reason we are going to give you some really great tips and will add to this as time goes on!!

Invest in an Oyster Plate Collecting Guide. This will help you with your collection as it builds. Most guides sell for around $30.00 and can be purchased from us or any fine book store. Some sellers like to scare you into thinking you have to buy from them based on knowledge. THIS IS NOT SO. That is only their way of trying to offer something that’s basically “free” in the guide.

Try to decide what you want your collection to consist of. Many people go for a color scheme, others go for the shape of a plate while others like to stick with one type of mold.  As you collect you will soon learn which plates catch your eye!

Although you may be tempted, never invest in a plate that is less than near perfect. Plates with cracks, chips or repairs are worth only a fraction of the price of near perfect ones. As your collection grows you will be very proud that you were particular about your collection and won’t have to sell off some of them to get the collection you desire. There is “NO” Oyster plate that is so rare that you have to buy a substandard one instead of one in mint condition.

When purchasing Oyster Plates it’s very common to want to assemble a few of them together to get a feel for a pattern that you wish to create in your home. It’s best not to hang your plates but rather place then on a stand. This keeps pressure from being placed on the pottery and may prevent cracking or breaking of your plates

Pictures can be deceiving! A good thing to do is ask for a picture without a flash and no alterations to the pictures so that you can compare it to one that is shown in an advertisement. It’s always best to see the plate, hold it and compare it to others to make sure you have not gotten a plate that is nothing like the over lighted, altered photo. This is a MUST!

Ask for details on the plate you are interested in such as markings and approximate age. There are many reproductions out there now so buy with confidence from people that have been in business and have earned a reputation for honesty. Try to get good discounts and use your credit card (so you have rights under the law) and deal with people that are willing to spend time with you during your purchase.

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